Collection: Finger Printing (NATA)

Trust our NATA-accredited Finger Printing services for accurate and recognized results, essential for legal proceedings, identity verification, and official documentation.
Ink fingerprinting can be used for Pre-Employment for Government, financial
institutions, or any career that requires a state license and/or Firearms-related
Our Finger Printing (NATA) services offer:

Accredited Procedures
Accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), ensuring adherence to stringent standards for quality and accuracy.

Expert Analysis
Precise and reliable fingerprinting procedures conducted by trained professionals.

Legal Compliance
Services comply with regulatory requirements, suitable for various legal, immigration, and identification purposes.


Price: $50 - BUY NOW

We offer ink fingerprinting on FD-258 , SF-87 or NFA
(2 copies provided)

Mobile services available, base + mileage


Drug Testing includes Hair Test, Urine Test and Oral Test.