Collection: Alcohol Testing

Bexar Testing Solutions offers comprehensive Alcohol Testing Services in San Antonio designed to ensure safety and compliance. Our offerings include:

Saliva Testing
Non-invasive saliva tests providing rapid detection of recent alcohol intake.

Urine Testing
Non-invasive urine tests providing rapid detection of recent alcohol intake.

Legal Compliance
Adherence to industry standards and legal requirements for reliable results.

Our Alcohol Testing Services are conducted on-site with precision and confidentiality, supporting safety measures for workplaces, legal purposes, and personal well-being.

Trust Bexar Testing Solutions for accurate and dependable alcohol screening solutions.

Coming soon:

Breathalyzer Tests
Utilizing advanced breath analysis technology to accurately measure alcohol levels.

Blood Alcohol Testing
Precise analysis of blood samples to determine alcohol concentration levels.


Drug Testing includes Hair Test, Urine Test and Oral Test.