The primary benefit of a hair follicle drug test includes a much longer detection period for drug use which is up to 90 days. This testing method is a preference Employers, Courts, and Substance Abuse professionals.  


Hair Testing Process 

Between scheduling and testing the process can be fast and simple. When coming in for your appointment please be sure to bring proper identification (photo ID issued by government or state) and the testing authorization form. A drug testing specialist will cut approximately 120 strands of hair at approximately 1.5 inches in length from the crown area of the head. If the donor does not have hair on their head; a sample can be used from the chest, leg or armpit hair to conduct the hair collection. Once the hair follicle collection process is complete, the hair is sealed, packaged, and sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.  The laboratory will test for the actual drug metabolites transferred from the body's bloodstream which are embedded in the hair strand, results will provide a 90-day lookback period for drug use. Results for a hair follicle test may be available in approximately 5-7 business days from when the specimen reaches the laboratory for testing. If a hair specimen requires further confirmation testing, this may delay the result reporting.

Please NOTE: If a donor has no body hair a hair follicle test CANNOT be performed!


5 panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

Price: $120.00 + (Optional additional specific
drug 20.00 per substance)

This test provides a basic overview of an individuals substance use over
a 90 day period.

If a specific drug is to be tested a more detailed analysis may be performed by
adding a broader variety of substances beyond the basic 5 panel.


** BODY HAIR COLLECTION $20.00** After hours fee $30.00 **